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你的内容管理策略是团队的ultimate playbook. It’s a structured plan that ties every marketing asset to your organization’s business goals. Think of it as the “why” behind what you do. It outlines when, where and what is being posted, as well as how each piece of content relates to your overall mission.

Plus, aside from keeping things organized, there’s a good reason why small businesses and industry leaders all use a content management strategy: because it works.

Benefits of a Content Management Strategy


  • 结盟:当您制定结构化的内容管理计划时,将所有主题和消息点保持一致会变得更加容易。
  • Customer insights:一旦进入内容营销的杂草,您就可以使用数据和分析来提取有关受众的有意义的见解 - 所有这些都可以用来使您的下一个内容变得更好。
  • 资源优化:With a documented content management strategy, you can ensure that everything your marketing team puts into your content translates to tangible results.


How To Implement a Successful Content Management Strategy


Before we get into that, let’s talk about what不是to do. While 76% of respondents told Smart Insights that their organizations take astrategic approach to content marketing management,只有59%的内容策略有记录的内容策略。对于剩余的41%,在登上新的营销人员,监视变更或评估什么和无法正常工作时,仍然有一些严重的头痛空间。为什么?


It all comes down to a little four syllable word: documented. There’s only so much your team can do if your all-important content strategy is a vague idea rather than a fully mapped out plan.

Once your team has created your strategy, be sure to store it in a shareable document that can be accessed at any time. This will not only make it easier for new employees to quickly get on the same page, but your existing team members will always have a source of truth to check in with.

So, let’s get started and make sure you don’t fall into the same content traps that have befallen other marketers.

Your first step: Identify your goal and create a content strategy that matches.

Boosting Your SEO Presence


内容管理策略:Pillars and clusters.

A pillar piece is exactly what you think of when you hear the word pillar. It’s the foundation of your content strategy that holds up the rest of your posts. If your pillar topic is digital marketing, then the shorter, more focused articles (clusters) that sit atop it may include something like “How a Good Content Management Strategy Can Transform Your Digital Marketing Game.”

Now that we think of it, that sounds like it would make for a pretty interesting read.

这是一种内容策略,可适用于企业的大小,大小之间 - 您不需要1,000个团队来编写排名的页面。您只需要一些高质量的写作,我们知道您已经涵盖了。

Search engines (translation: Google) aren’t fully transparent about how they rank websites and the order they’re shown to users. However, some of the leading factors include the relevancy of the content, structure of the website and how recently the piece was posted.


  1. 查找您的主题:想一想您的听众感兴趣的主题。它应该足够小,以至于它吸引了他们的独特利益,但足够广泛,您可以拥有一个很多to say on the matter.
  2. 构建您的支柱页面:Once you have your topic, try summing it up in as few words as possible. Your pillar page should serve as a comprehensive lesson on the subject.
  3. Write some clusters:Take a magnifying glass to one section of your pillar page and go even deeper. Clusters are your opportunity to get into the weeds of your topic and provide your audience with ultra-specific knowledge.








  • What is digital marketing?
  • How digital marketing can boost sales.
  • 您需要数字营销策略的5个原因。


Increasing Profits


The strategy:销售支持。


Sales content that targets customers toward the end of the buying process should:

  • 回答销售团队经常听到的问题。
  • 突出显示您和您的竞争对手之间最大的区别。
  • Provide case studies and examples of prior customer success stories.






如果您还不知道该问题的答案,那还可以 - 这正是您的内容管理系统(CMS)可以派上用场。




Once you’ve assigned roles for your team and started posting content, how do you actually know whether your management strategy is working?

The short answer: It varies.

Depending on the goal you’ve set out to accomplish, your definition of success will look a little different from other teams. Let’s go over some of the key performance indicators to track based on the marketing strategies we’ve covered so far:


  • 印象: How many times has your website popped up in a search?
  • 页面排名数:您的排名数量是多少?
  • 域和页面授权:您的页面如何与竞争对手分数?


  • 网站流量:Have you seen an increase in activity across your website since you posted?
  • 社会提到:您的作品是否在与目标受众相关的一些社交媒体渠道上共享或提及?
  • Referral links:Are other websites linking back to your content as a source of trusted knowledge?


  • Sales: If your content is specifically promoting a new service line or product, has it seen an increase in sales?
  • Conversion rate:您的作品互动后有多少读者正在采取行动?
  • 销售的反馈:销售团队是否能够在与潜在客户的对话中成功利用您的内容?


Accomplishing Goals and Increasing Productivity


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