布拉夫顿’s end-to-end eBook strategy starts with meticulous planning: What is the commercial intent of the asset, and how will it be used to nurture leads? Next comes production: writing, formatting, designing and publishing the asset. The content creation phase is followed by the promotion, distribution and placement of the eBook in your content marketing strategy.

As mid-funnel content marketing assets, eBooks can fulfill multiple objectives. Brafton’s eBook conversion service helps you execute on a promotion and distribution strategy that uses blog posts, emails, social media updates and pay-per-click advertising campaigns to generate new leads and nurture existing ones. Your content marketing strategist collaborates with you, your industry-focused writer and your project manager to maximize the asset’s value to your sales funnel.

eBook Conversion Rate Optimization

From planning to execution to testing, our eBook conversion service is customized to fully leverage the power of high-quality digital marketing collateral. This includes researching, analyzing and executing eBook-marketing plans with conversion rate optimization in mind.




可以说,呼吁是任何电子书转换服务中最重要的组成部分。CTA是可单击的图像或图形,鼓励人们采取理想的下一步,帮助他们降低销售渠道。布拉夫顿的专有Arch™technology powers your eBook CTA strategy with the creation and implementation of dynamic CTA buttons, hosted landing pages and custom on-site lead capture forms. This technology can be used as a standalone service or integrated with your existing customer relationship management system.

CTAs are created with a focus on color, placement and verbiage. Text is incisive and every word is precisely chosen with the intent of driving action. Using industry expertise and routine testing, Brafton strategists work with writers to create pithy, actionable taglines. They also collaborate with graphic designers to craft eye-catching CTA buttons that will capture clicks, while ensuring the display is optimized for all types of devices.






Beyond where and how it’s promoted, your eBook must also feature strategic design to deliver intended results. From title page to table of contents to contact page, your Brafton creative team will implement layout and design best practices into the eBook, marrying compelling copy and stunning visuals for an engaging experience. eBook writers are trained to provide maximum impact from minimal text, keeping with the asset’s emphasis on visual storytelling. Text is limited to approximately 125 words per page, with a focus on hard data, intuitive layout and easy-to-follow takeaways.



监控电子书转换性能一样important as other steps in the optimization process. By analyzing what’s working and making changes as necessary, Brafton content marketing strategists refine your eBook conversion service as you go. This process of continual improvement helps us streamline our efforts, boost performance and ultimately increase the number of leads converted.




Launching a high-quality eBook is only half the battle. You must also attract visitors to your website in the first place. Brafton content marketing strategists assist in these efforts by conducting thorough audits intended to analyze search engine optimization performance, and by extension, conversion-rate opportunity.

Everything from website speed to navigation to mobile-friendliness is accounted for. Using modern SEO measurement techniques, as well as an expert understanding of current search engine ranking algorithms, strategists can provide concrete advice on how to boost your website’s ranking position on search engine results pages, and thereby draw more eyes to eBooks and other content marketing assets.


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